Monday, January 30, 2012

Travel - Trip to Washington DC!

 My Sister and her family moved to Washington DC in August and we had not had a chance to visit them until recently!  It was fun to see their absolutely cute house (My sister has always made her houses/apartments fabulous everywhere they have lived!) and explore their new city!  We got to visit the White house, Smithsonian, Mount Vernon, the National Tree and many other landmarks. It is amazing how everything is free.
Here we are at the White house and the National Tree

 The National tree

 The Kids tossed coins in hopes to get it in the train caboose and Big Sis did it 
on her 1 and only shot!  Great Job!
 We found Jesus at the White house!

The State of Ohio Tree

 We visited the Smithsonian!
 Aunt B made Yummy treats!

 We had a great time at their church!  The children's program was fabulous!  
It has to be if they have a door that is Lil Bro's size!

 Our Cousin was sick the whole time we were there but we did get to peek in at her a few times.
 Aunt B and Lil Bro LOVED playing with this alligator head!
 We visited a cupcake place for Middle Sis's 5th birthday!
 We loved driving around.  Night time is the best because of all of the lights!
(Yes, I mean Christmas lights and not the millions of tail lights!)

 I am a big fan of the amazing architecture here!  I did include this picture, although blurry, 
because the building was amazing!
 Cars are everywhere! I always wonder where everyone is going when there is a constant mass of cars!

 We got to see a rainbow!  Can you see it below?

What a great time! Check out our other travel posts about our visit to 
the White house, Smithsonian and Mount Vernon while here. 

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