Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craziest Thing I ever saw!

As a Mom, one of my favorite times of the day are when my little sleepyheads wake up!  It is their cuddly, time to lay their head on my shoulder, lovie, warm and cozy, I love Mommy time of the day!  It is their Mommy wants to eat you up, never let you go, hold you and sing to you forever time of the day! Usually they have little pillow, blanket or sheet imprints on their absolutely adorable cheeks, but today was different.  Lil Sis woke up crying and I ran to see what was wrong.  She said her leg felt tingly.  I told her how it probably fell asleep.  I turned the light on and this is what I found!
 ...and now I know why her leg felt tingly!

Crazy, huh!

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