Monday, January 30, 2012

Travel: Trip to the Smithsonian!

Washington DC is a city that is chalked full of things to do, things to see and fun things to enjoy!  It is amazing to me that the museums are free to enjoy!  We went to the Smithsonian twice and could have spent a week there.  The kids like to see everything and read the signage for everything as well!
You can check out the Smithsonian's website by clicking here!  
Here is a small portion of the things we saw.
Posing in the Main Entrance!

We enjoyed the movie about Jefferson's Bible.  It was neat to see the real thing too!
You can check it out by clicking here!
 Big Sis finally got to see Abe Lincoln's hat!  She has wanted to find this since Kindergarten! Yes, two years ago! I am not sure what her Kindergarten teacher said about this hat but Big Sis has said that she has wanted to find it in  a museum in Washington DC!  We did and here it is!!!

 Everyone else had already moved on but she wanted to read every word about it!
 We found a few neat things!
 They loved the shoes!  Now they will have to see the movie.  
 "These sure are funny guys!" said Lil Sis.
I am remembering Night at the Museum!
We got to see the Hope Diamond!  
I thought I would never be able to get the girls out of this room!


 "Mommy, Take my picture by this one too!" Middle Sis
 This was one of the coolest rooms!

 Tuesday mornings the museum gives free entry into the Butterfly habitat to the first few hundred people. We were excited to be in that group!  It was amazing to see all of the butterfly's but it was even more amazing to watch the kids reaction as butterflies flew all around the and even landed on them!  We had so many favorite parts of this museum and as the kids would say, "They are all of our favorites"!

 Landon is in the back eyeing one...gotta keep a close eye on him so he doesn't catch it!

Hands on, pretty cool!

 Yeah...not so cool.  Pretty Scary! Time for the Tarantula feeding.
 I hope he stays in the cage!  Mommy's worried.  The girls are a little too close for comfort!
 Lil Bro and I will watch the bees as they fly in and out of the building!  
 Big Sis has to take a picture too!  I wonder where she gets that from!
 Has anyone seen Lil Sis?  
 We had a fun day at the Museum.  Could have stayed longer but it was time to go.  
We'll definitely be back!

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