Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glimpse Into Motherhood: December Highlights!

Hi Everyone,
It's me again, Middle Sis!  We did so many fun things this month that I cannot write about all of them here or I'd be writing until next year!  Here are a few fun things that we did. We got all of the boxes down from the attic and decorated the house! We set up a pink tree that Aunt J got us for Christmas last year.  The only problem is Lil Bro likes it so much he won't leave us alone.
 We got so tired out setting up the pink tree and our big tree that Lil Sis fell asleep right on the couch!
 I, on the other hand, did not get tired at all. I wanted to sleep in the manger.  It is actually pretty cozy!

 Lil Sis had fun doing her hair fancy.  She said she wanted to go to a fancy Christmas Ball!

 Oops....Mommy said we could help decorate the tree and look what we did!  
It was so much fun.  I said "It is the BEST day EVER!!!!!!"
 Lil Bro kept looking at the tree.  He didn't take any decorations off except the ones he was allowed to!  He was such a good boy!
 This is everyone's favorite ornament.  Mommy got it from her friend Miss Ardene!  She painted Jesus on it and made it look so beautiful and sparkly!
 Buddy serenaded us!
 We all got to put the angel on top of the tree.  It is tradition that everyone gets a turn!

...and guess who fell asleep early again!
Guess what I did....Mommy walked in the room and was surprised to see our singing reindeer (from Aunt B last year!) reading Christmas books!
 We helped Daddy hang lights!  Our house looked so pretty!
 The birds love our feeder!  
 We did a lot of devotions and bedtime stories in our room!  
The only problem is that we pick out way too many stories every night!

 Buddy likes my Barbie house!


 We did LOTS of fun family projects this month!
 Here is a video of us at our Music and Movement Class Christmas party!
 We drove around and saw lots of Christmas lights!  Here is the mansion of the man that owns lots of Panera Bread stores.
 Here are a few more pictures of our Music and Movement Christmas Party!

 Here is our fun teacher Miss Trish!

OOPS, you were not supposed to see these!

 Yummy lunches!
 Beautiful fingernails....or roof shingles for our Christmas house project!
 Lil Bro helped take the garbage out!

 Mommy found her Barbies in the attic!  

 Ken's vest glows in the dark!
 Amazon delivered our TP but Lil Sis thought it was her throne!
 We get together with Gramps family at a hall every year for Christmas.  He is 1 of 18 kids so that means there is always a lot of fun involved when the family gets together!  There is lots of good food, fun cousins to play, basket give-a-way, and Santa visits and passes out ornaments.  This year I tell people that Santa is not real.  It's true.  He's just a man that plays dress up.  My cousin Jack, tells everyone Santa is dead. Mommy thought it was funny but Daddy said I shouldn't tell people that. He said that parents have to tell their kids.  I said okay!

 Grammy bought all of our ornaments that Santa gave us!  We love them!
 Lil Bro kept getting passed around!  He had so much fun!  He was always laughing!
 Aunt M put the dancing hat on Buddy!  It was so funny.  
He still wears it and makes it play music so he can dance!
 Big Sis won a basket for Momma.  It was full of chocolate!
 Lil Sis drew a picture of our family during preschool time!  Momma said she is growing up so fast!
 We went to Big Sis's Christmas program for school!  We should be up there on stage with her because we always practice the songs with her!

 There she is!  Top row, middle!
 I made a super tall tower....all by MYSELF!!!!!  It looks like it is as tall as me!
Thanks for checking in again!  See you you back here again soon!
Middle Sis 

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