Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Cookout before School!

Back to School ~ 2012


Lil' Sis got in on the action too!

Back to School 2012

Back to School 2012
 Everything is all set and ready to go for school tomorrow!
 Middle Sis has her Purple balloon ready for the bus!  It signals that a Kindergartner lives here! 
 Our neighbor got in on the photo shoot, too!
 Backpacks are ready, labeled and set to go!  (Children's Place $8.00!)

 Where is the bus?  Even Lil Bro is waiting in his fancy footwear!
 The bus just came into view and Middle Sis's smile turned sad really quick.  
She said, "Mommy, Daddy, I really do not want to go to Kindergarten."
 With the help of her family, by the time the bus pulled up, Big Sis had put her arm around her and helped her make the big step into the great wide world.
 I am so glad they are there to help each other.
 There is Middle Sis.  1st row in the back!
Good Bye Sisters!  See you in a little while!

3 hours later.....

Best Day Ever!!!!

Cooking with Kids~Make your own cake

Cooking with Kids
I try to let the kids "stir and dump" when I cook.  I usually do not let them do everything all of the time because I am usually trying to throw dinner together fast while running laundry, picking up, quieting down kids, and a whole lot more!  There are special times that they get to crack eggs, grease pans, pour batter and the other fun parts of cooking! One of the things on our summer bucket list was to do a fun cooking project with the kids!  Big Sis has been asking to make and decorate her own cake for a long time but as a Mom of 4 it is hard to say to my 8 year old, "Sure honey, go ahead and make your own cake.  Oh, and make sure you clean up!" This project needs to be done with supervision and enough room for fun but not a disastrous mess! Along with the cooking lesson came Mommy's Lesson on keeping your hands washed, no licking unless Mommy approves and washing your hands more! 
 Here are the highlights of the project!

 Lil Bro's Cake
 Lil' Sis's Cake
 Middle Sis's Cake
 Big Sis's Cake

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