Monday, June 7, 2010

Project - Summer Headbands part 2

Project Headbands
Here is the trio of 3 new headbands 
that I made last night for summer "cutie-ness"!

Easy as pie...Alright it IS easier than pie!

Flipflop decorations
( I found these at the local fabric store)

Directions: Clip the flipflop decorations on the the headband and WAhLah...you are done!  You may need a glue gun if the clip is not strong.  I did not need to glue.  I like to rotate the clips to match the outfit!
Which one is your favorite?

Day at the Boat Races

Today our project is brought to us by Curious George Rides a Bike by H.A. Rey.

How to make a Paper boat

Step 1: Take a piece of newspaper and fold it in half with the 
top being the folded edge.  

Step 2: Fold both top corners in.

Step 3: fold up the bottom edge, flip over and fold up the other edge.

Step 4: Bring both corners in and flatten into a diamond shape.

Step 5: Fold up one corner, then the other corner.

Step 6: Bring the corners in again and flatten back into a diamond shape.

Step 7: Gently pull the ends open and there is your boat!
Step 8:  Time for the Races!
On your marks, get set, GO!!!

Memorial Day Parade 2010

Excited for the Parade to start!
Guess who's sleeping?

Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our country.
The candy was fun to catch but our favorites were the beach balls and police badges!
Guess who is still sleeping!
Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Night Family Night - The Great Outdoors

Family Night!

Everyone made their own mini pizza's 




Project - Summer Headbands - part 1 woven

Headbands fit for a Summer Princess
Woven Headband (found in the hair gel aisle at Walmart)
Gerber Daisies (Found at local craft store)
Glue Gun
Needle and thread

Take the hard plastic backing off of the flowers
Glue or sew them to the headband
All done!  You just saved yourself $10+ dollars at a boutique!

Recipe of the Week: Fresh Pesto Pasta

It has always bugged me when I watch people cook and they follow a recipe but do not measure right or they make up the recipe in their head and cannot write it down because they just do whatever they want. I have finally come to the point of... throw whatever you want in a pan and hope for the best.  Since it was delicious I now have to try to figure out what I did...here it goes!

You need:
Angel Hair Pasta - cooked
Fresh tomatoes - the ones we call little cutie tomatoes
1 Can of tomatoes with the juice - whatever you have on hand (crushed, whole, etc)
A few bug hand fulls of Spinach
Other things to add when on hand - black olives, Kalamatta Olives, fresh herbs

In a big pan, add some EVOO, a few huge Tablespoons of Pesto, and fresh tomatoes.  Stir for a few minutes on medium heat.  

Add the can of tomatoes.  Stir.  Add the precooked Angel Hair Pasta.  Stir.  Add more Pesto to taste.  Add spinach.  Toss.  Let sit a few minutes.  Toss and Serve. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things - Summer Edition

My summer favorites......family, just being together, backyard picnics, refreshing pool on a hot hot day, the sun, swinging until my toes touch the clouds, vacations, wildflowers, tomatoes off the vine, summer birthdays, flip flops,sunglasses, slushies, toenail polish, laying in the grass watching the puffy clouds roll by, dandelion crowns, juicy water melon, sundresses, dreaming of endless summer running as a child...... 
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