Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Thanksgiving Update

Hi Everyone,
It's me again, Middle Sis! Thanksgiving was full of fun and family!  It is so great to see everyone!  We did a lot of cooking together!  My favorite was pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.  Let's just say that Momma made us wash our hands probably 20 times while we made them! Here we are with Daddy.  He made the big pies and we got to make our own little ones!

 Lil Bro ran the house with his favorite game while we were busy baking.  He loves Uno Moo.  It is a barn of animals that come in and out of the hay loft.

 We woke up early on Thanksgiving morning.  We all made aebleskivers together.  It is a Thanksgiving tradition.  They look like little round donuts.  they are basically little fruit filled pancakes. Daddy asks us a few weeks in advance what we want to have inside of them.
 We painted plates and our hands after breakfast.  You can find the project here.
 We played a little and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
 I pretended I was a turkey!
 We all got dressed and headed off to Grammy and Gramp's house for Thanksgiving!  
I kept saying "It's gonna be soooooo FUN!!!!"
 We brought a couple Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin roll, too!
 We played in their basement!  Big Sis is so funny!
 Lil Sis had lots of fun too!
 I like to play with money.  Mommy is teaching me about money in our preschool time!
 Lil Bro likes to go, go, go.  He goes forwards and backwards.  
Watch out!  He might run you over!
 He got to go on a wagon ride around the basement with our cutie little cousin!  
Thanks for the ride Aunt J!
 Game time and then we are going to hit the road for Grandma and Grandpa's house. 
 It's kinda like the song "Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmothers house We Go" 
except we spend hours on the turnpike!
 We made it late that night and Grandma woke us up the next morning with 
Gingerbread Man cookies and an Eggnog party!  
 I already ate is arm and foot!  haha :)
 We all love Eggnog Parties in fancy glasses!

 We went to the house that Grandpa grew up in to see Great Grandma Donna, Mommy's Aunts, Uncles, cousins and their kids too!  We did this last year and had so much fun!  We get to run around, play with all these fun kids, and eat LOTS of yummy food!

 I bet you can't find me!

 Look at all of us having fun in the basement!  We get to run around the basement, through the garage (that's where all the food tables are!!!  I grabbed Grandma Donna's Nutty Bars every time I went through!  They magically kept restocking themselves!) and up through the house and in their play room, too!

 Here are a couple cuties!
 Great Grandma Donna made name tags for everyone!  
It is a good thing 'cause there were lots of us kids there!
 We tied all the riding things together so we could be in parade!
 Lil Sis ran upstairs to the garage for a snack refill!  Thanks Gram!
 Let the parade begin!
 We even threw candy!

Time to say goodbye.

 Back to Grandma's house!  Lil Bro loves to watch all of Grandma's sumo squirrels.  
They are named Polly, Pip Squeeker, Sammy, and Benny. They put a big show on for us!
 It was so nice outside that we walked to the park!

 I kept telling Mommy to take my picture 'cause it was so fun.  
She would have taken my picture anyway because she loves picture taking.

 Here's Momma and her Little Brother!

 What a fun day!

 Grandpa made a movie theater for us!  It was so cool!
 Big Sis found her dream car!  Funny thing...a guy got into the car and drove away!
 Off to the Zoo!  Lights Before Christmas!!!!
 Grandpa put up his nativity....Is that Joseph or Lil Sis???
 At the Zoo!
Hope your Thanksgiving was full of fun and memories!  See you back here soon!
Middle Sis

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