Monday, January 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - Favorite Places to go with kids

As a parent, packing up kids and taking them on an outing can be frustrating sometimes!  Preparation is a key to a happy ending!  Sometimes we run over to the bike path to bike or walk.  Other days we may plan a grander outing.  Snacks, matching clothes (so I can spot them easily!),  comfortable shoes, extra diapers and a backpack are just a few of our must haves for a good experience!  That is another post!  Our top 10 favorite places to go are:
  1. Zoo!
  2. Pittsburgh (Museums, Sidewalk Dancing Fountains, Farmers Market)
  3. Maple festivals
  4. PBS - Plant A Seed to Read Day
  5. YMCA Healthy Kids Day
  6. Washington, DC (Museums, White house, sidewalk artists)
  7. Local MOPS meeting (Mothers Of Preschoolers)
  8. Library (Music and Movement Classes, Story time)
  9. Air Balloon Festivals
  10. Local Bike path

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