Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Party Time!

 Today is party day at school!  I am so excited because I get to meet this absolutely fabulous 
7 year old at school and chair her Christmas party today!  I can't wait!!!

 Decorating Gingerbread houses!

 Snack time!  Oops, Big Sis's hat started going off on accident!  It flashes and plays music!  One of her aunts gave it to her last week and she thought it would be perfect to wear on party day!

 A fun gift exchange led by Miss Jen!

We made a Crouquembouche, a treat that the French make at Christmas time. You can find the recipe  It was our contribution to a snack that is served traditionally from somewhere around the world.
Our friends partied with us too!
 I LOVE being a Momma!

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