Sunday, January 29, 2012

Travel: Mount Vernon - George Washington's Home

Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, is a great place to visit if you are in the Washington DC area.  My sister gave us tickets for  part of our Christmas present this year and it was enjoyed by all of us!  The kids had a great time.  We were there the entire day, walking, reading every sign and having a fun time!  I couldn't believe the kids held up so well.  It was time to leave and the kids wanted to stay!  
What a great day!
 Here they are with the Washington's!
"This is my friend", said Lil Sis! 
"I'm almost her size!"

 We all loved the Christmas trees!

 Lil Sis loved this window!  She wants to have it in her bedroom!
The model of the mansion was a favorite, too!  
Every few minutes the walls would move so that you could see all of the rooms!

 George Washington loved camels and so do our kids.  Well, at least they all did before this visit!  
Lets just say that the camel looked friendly from a distance. 

 ...And then he came closer.  Well, it was still fun...So far so good!
 and Landon liked him, until the camel got a little too close for comfort!
 He probably was just checking out the sweet smells of graham cracker crumbs! 
Don't worry Buddy!  Mommy will save you! Oh yeah, I have to put my camera down first!
 We visited the sheep and all of the gardens.
 Gloves started disappearing so we had to mix and match!

 We saw the family and slave quarters.  What an operation that the Washington's had.  
They seem to have treated the slaves very well.  Every animal, fruit and vegetable had a purpose.  
It was pretty neat to see the different ways that everything was used! 

 The kids liked this little bedroom!  Perfect size for a little one!  
I bet it would be easy to keep clean!
We got to see the Turkey that was pardoned by the President this year!

 Here's Lil Bro's view!
 Have to stop for a break.  Might as well line them up for a picture!
 Alright time to keep going, but Middle Sis wants a picture first!
 Daddy and the 2 Littles are already gone but Big Sis wants her shot in front of the camera, too!

 This was the perfect place to run...
 and run...

 Everyone imagined what it would be like to have grown up here with the Washington's children.  
Then they acted it out!

 Beautiful Views!

 The girls decided that this would have been a great way to travel!
 Big Sis got a big kick out of spotting the "Berry Beds"!
 I think they forgot that we were there to learn all about the Washington's 
when all of a sudden it turned into a photo shoot again!

Momma and Lil bro took the easier path with the stroller while Daddy and the Girls roamed the gardens!

 All aboard!
 And they are off! Daddy may need a ride in a minute!
 The kids dubbed this as the coolest tree ever!

 Big Sis wanted her picture by the mansion.
 Then she wanted to take a picture of Momma.  
It was okay with me because this mansion reminded me of one of my favorite movies, 
Pride and Prejudice! I pretended that I was visiting Mr. Darcy's Mansion!
What a great trip!  Thanks Sister for giving us tickets for our Christmas present this year!

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