Friday, October 21, 2011

Tips to Save Some Cents: At a Hotel

When traveling money can add up pretty quickly.  We have come up with a few ways to save a bit!
1. Pack food and snacks to eat in your hotel room. You can save $5.00 per kid on breakfast if you pack it!
This breakfast cost less that $0.75 per serving.  I even splurged on OJ in a box, premade muffins, and applesauce in individual servings.  I did get everything here on sale and used coupons so it came out pretty cheap. This saved us close to $5.00 a kid!

2. Do not pay $15.00 for an in room movie!  Bring or borrow a car TV or dvd player and a movie you already have.  Don't forget the cord to attach it to the TV! You can also pick up a movie from Redbox or Blockbuster Box for free.  There are usually rental boxes close to wherever yo Check out CouponDad by clicking  for Blockbuster HERE and Redbox HERE.  I never pay to rent because there are always movie codes.  Another tip:  If you want to rent 2 dvd's check them out in 2 different transactions with 2 different movie codes!

3. Pack toys and small games to play in the car and hotel room.  We like cards, wax bendy stix, a few babies/barbies, several books including a BIG collection that has lots of stories. Don't forget coloring books and crayons!

4. Go and explore the hotel.  Find the pools, is there an aquarium, courtyard, or a playground?  Does the hotel have a dining room that has complimentary coffee,tea, hot chocolate, and fruit 24 hours?

5. Pack snacks in the car to toss back to the kids.  We usually pack animal crackers, prewashed and cut fruits and veggies, pretzels, sippy cups, hulless popcorn, etc.  I have also tossed a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter in as well. 

Leave a comment below.  What do you do to save on a trip?


Debra said...

Great ideas! When my daugther was younger & we traveled with tons of toys - mostly small ones like Little People - I would put a foldable pop up tote (the square canvas ones)in my suitcase and when we got to the hotel I'd dump the toys out of the backpack and into the tote. It made cleanup easier. I don't know that we saved any money doing that though. :)

One thing we do is that we try to always stay at the same hotel chain in order to earn free nights. We are going out of town this spring and have 2 nights we don't have to pay for a hotel due to earning points and getting free rooms (we use the Marriott chain-they have a nice rewards system). We also stay in hotels with a free continental breakfast. I was surprised that they are not always more expensive. That does save us alot.

Sarah said...

Love it! I always try to stick with Best Western hotels, like Debra said you get rewarded for staying. Plus they always have a really good continetal or hot breakfast. I try to make sure we pick a hotel with a fridge and coffeemaker. Makes eating in room so much easier. A coffee maker gives you boiling water for top ramen, soups, etc...

I took my three younger brothers to Vegas a couple years ago and we were there for 5 days. I believe we only spent about $150 on food. We mostly ate in the hotel room and we splurged on buffets like once or twice (of course the breakfast since it was cheapest)!

Thanks for the post. Love the healthy little breakfast you made for your kiddos using coupons!

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