Friday, October 21, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - 10.9.11 - 10.16.11

This week was full of projects and fun!
Big Sis had to do a seed project for 2nd grade so we all got to make one! We cut, smelled, tasted, deseeded, and glued our seeds!
We used a TON of different things and I couldn't believe how all of the seeds looked so different!
Lil Sis had FUN!

Big Sis had FUN!

...and I had FUN too!
...but, Lil Bro thought the lemons were way tooooooo SOUR!!!  It was so funny!

Nope...he wasn't crying he was just making funny faces!
He did get to eat some apple and asian pear!
He was smiling and enjoying his snack! His favorites were Great Grandpa's Asian Pear and pickles!
We finished our projects!

Big Sis read to us!
Mommy got a picture of the banister Daddy built this week!
Daddy taught us a project he did in his College Class!

We folded and folded and folded...
and folded and folded...
and Daddy put all of our pieces together and it looked like this...
Pretty cool, huh!

We ended our week with a family get together at a water park.
All of Daddy's family went and it was so fun!
Guess who LOVED running the halls!
Grammy is enjoying an early morning visit!
We went around and "Ding Dong Ditched" all of our family!  You'll have to check out that Blog post!
We had movie night in our room with some of our cousin's and we celebrated one of our cousins birthday!
We ate breakfast in the room and played cards until the water park opened!  We love playing war!
Lil Bro kept skootching over to be in the pic!  He sure is funny!
Lil Sis and I found a great spot right here!  We also liked the lazy river, water slides, and all of the dump buckets.  There are not any pictures of us doing those because Mommy and Daddy were WAAAAY to busy chasing all of us!

We got a few pictures before we left!
Have a great  rest of the week!
The Middle Sis

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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Anonymous said...

I just want the fun of taking them to the change room after, taking off their swimsuits, drying them off paying SPECIAL attention to their little pussy's

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