Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Week of 9.25.11 - 10.2.11

Welcome to our week!
Kylie had Flat Stanley to send out for a 2nd grade project. 
She sent him to Washington, DC to visit the Mains. 
We haven't had a chance to visit yet. 
We thought we'd send Flat Stanley to make sure the Mains are doing well! 
He arrived back from his travels this week and we had
a great letter and pictures of all of the fun he had!
Flat Stanley Misses the Mains and says Thanks for a FUN time!
Kylie had a snack to take to school that were S'mores. We got to help make them.
It was a very rainy week so we had our umbrellas as we picked Kylie up from school.

Some of my cousins came to play this week while their Mom and Dad had some errands to run!  We had fun playing with them!

While they were here Mommy had to make dinner for PapPap.  He just had heart surgery and we were going to visit and eat dinner with him!  Mommy sure did have a lot of us watching her make lasagna and deserts! She made some extras to freeze for when Mains come to visit and for us too!
PapPap always gives us pink candies!  We LOVE them!
Landon kept going back for more!
We ate on his back porch.  We had concerts out there and did our gymnastics practice, too!
We did a lot of preschool with Mommy this week.  We did colors, shapes, counting, full name, address and lots more.
We traced Graham Crackers and Marshmallows for our shapes.  We had a big problem though....Landon kept stealing and eating our school work!
We sang songs and colored pictures for our letter sounds!
I wrote Grandma some mail because her back is hurting. 
I kind of lost it though.  Sorry Grandma.
Mommy, Livi, and Landon caught a baby bunny early one morning. 
They found him hiding under the bush Daddy cut down.
(The picture keeps turning sideways.  Sorry.)
Landon LOVED the bunny!  He laughed so hard every time the bunny jumped around!
Livi ran in the house and woke me up so I could see him, too!
Time to let the bunny go home to his Momma.  It was fun to learn about you today Mr. Bunny!  We learned about everything bunnies like to eat!
Daddy was doing his homework and I asked him why his tie was on the chair. 
He was being silly and put his tie on me!
Daddy....your funny!
We did our big princess counting puzzle.  Mommy didn't help us but we figured it out. 
We said "We can do it with teamwork Mommy!"
Last piece!!! We DID IT!!!!  HOORAY!
We went outside to "enjoy summer before it is gone" (according to Kylie!). 
We swang, played on top of the slide platform, and ate our bedtime snack out there. 
The mosquitoes started to get us and so we went inside. 
Mommy just heard Listerine can keep them away.  So, next time she is going to try it! 
 Landon decided to go swimming one more time and he thought it was way too cold!!!
We ended our week with Family night. We always do something fun!
Mommy said we had to take a bath in the dark and we couldn't turn the lights on. 
We started freaking out and Mommy opened the door and guess what we saw...
Glowsticks (Target $0.25 for the whole pack - summer clearance!) in our bath water!
It was the funnest bathtime ever! We took the longest bath!!!
Did you do anything fun this week?  Leave a comment and tell me about it!
Have a great week!
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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