Monday, October 31, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - 10.16.11 - 10.23.11

Hi Everyone!  I love telling you all about our fun week!
This week Mom and Dad went to Big Sis's school for a conference with her teacher.  While they were there, they saw all of the Flat Stanley projects!  Big Sis had the pink photo album on the table.  Her Flat Stanley went to Washington DC with Aunt B!  He went on the subway, to the Capital, the National Book Festival, and many other really great places.  I can't wait until I get to visit!
Mom and Dad decorated Big Sis's locker and left her a few treats!  Now, every time she opens her locker she gets to see our smiling faces!
We went to the library this week too!  We were in search of more preschool books.  These are some of my favorites!  Here are a few.  We call them the ake, ow, et, and op books.  They are great for sounds!

We went to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)!  They had their fall harvest party!  It was so much fun!
We did craft projects! We made owl hand puppets.
Landon even made the project!
Here is mine!  We match!
Ll Sis did a great job, too!
We rolled pumpkins for a race but I figured it was faster to pick it up and run!
I asked Mom to take my picture so I could do a nice pose!
Lil Sis started her pumpkin plate project!  We all got to do one!
It took lots of concentration!
Landon had so much fun...and he didn't get any on his shirt!
Aunt and Uncle Piper came to visit this week.  They picked up Moms cousin that worked with Daddy.  We ate apple pie and ice cream with them.  We wished they could have come longer. They live kinda far away and we miss them!

 Daddy is helping Kylie with her homework....or is he?  I think he is trying to beat me at Cut The Rope!
 Lil Sis called Mommy in for a photo shoot :)
 Mommy had to get a picture of Lil Sis's cute lil ponytails!  
Lil sis has been trying to grow hair all her life to have "hair dudes"!
 I had to jump in for a picture too!
 We went to a farm and visited some new pigs.  They used to have cows, but the lady said they got old.  Mommy's friend said the lady told her son she put the cows in the freezer. 
Awww....Lil Sis and Lil Bro are having fun together!
 We went in the barn to see all of the fall decorations!
 I got to pull the wagon around and pick out pumpkins!
 Kylie's headed off to school.
 Lil Bro likes to look out the window and yell "BUH, BUH"!
 We caught lots of lady bugs and Big Sis found a place to put them!

 Lil Bro learned to go Bump Bump on the stairs. He goes really fast!
 Daddy taught about the Scientific Method this week.  The students loved it.  
He practiced his project here with us!
 I worked on my AT words this week!  Whats more fun than practicing with cookies?

Look!  We spelled Grandma!
Guess who got to eat Grandma?
 We did and she sure was tasty!
 We practiced our numbers on Bubble Wrap...

...and then we played hop scotch!  Now that is fun!
Lil Bro even hopped!

 We jumped at the same time!
 I also had some spare time to call Grandma and check in to see how she was feeling!  Grandma, did you know I was on the potty?  It was a funny secret!

Hope you had a great week!  Leave a comment below!  I'd love to hear what you did this week!
Middle Sis
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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