Thursday, October 13, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Week of 10.2.11 - 10.9.11

Mommy finally got to borrow Daddy's school computer to write our weekly update! Hooray!  Let's just say that our Daddy is very busy and is working so hard.  We are very proud of our Daddy! Our week started of with more preschools at home!  Lots of projects and practicing our Names, address, phone numbers, colors, letters, numbers, and skills like cutting and gluing!
We LOVE doing projects!
Lil Bro likes to play with eggs all the time.  Sometimes we put surprises in them!
Mommy got to go with Daddy to work one night and our favorite friend came to play with us!
Today was my first day in dance!  Big Sis did dance last year and now I get to do it with her!
We get to go to a Christian dance place that is by donation only.
We wear good outfits and do good dancing too!   
We do stretches before we start our dancing!
There are LOTS of girls in dance!  Our teacher is so fun!
Here is Big Sis and some of her friends in her dance group.
This is one of my friends in my group! Mommy tried to flip this picture lots of times but the blog kept flipping it back! Sorry!
Lil Bro ran around while we danced!
We had so much fun!
Kylie went on a field trip with her 2nd grade class. 
She rode in a wagon and got to feed animals that came up to her and ate out of her bucket!
Daddy got to go on a field trip last week too!  He got to go to a farm!
We get to help Mommy do some housework! 
She told us that when she was little her Mommy told her to do 3 scrub coats and 1 rinse when scrubbing the kitchen floor.
Our favorite part is pretending to ice skate around the kitchen!
I found a tree!

There we go!
Grammy joined us too!
After wearing pants, sweatshirts and coats the sun came out and it warmed up! 
So we had a few more days of getting to play at the park!

Guess who came to town????  We had lots of fun with our cousins!
We had fun trying LOTS of things on at Charming Charlie and Charlie Girl!

Had to take a quick stop at the play area on our way out!
Dinner fun!

Aunt B gave haircuts! 
We went on a walk to look for our neighbors dog and walked for over an hour and then we stopped at their house to tell them we couldn't find Bella and guess who was barking at us from inside their front window????  Bella!  They already found her!  We also found lots of treasures on our walk!

Guess who got tired out?
We celebrated our Cousins Birthday!

Happy Fall!  Hope you are having a FANTASTIC week!
Middle Sis

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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