Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project of the Week: S'more Goodies

This month Kylie was in charge of bringing in a snack for her 2nd grade class.  They had to read daily and record it on their reading log.  If they met their goal then there will be a celebration at the end of the month with a student provided snack.  I let Kylie pick out her choice from a list of things that I previously pinned on PINTEREST.com (a great crafty site with a plethora of ideas!) and she chose cookies for class time and s'mores to send home.  We sat around the table and I told the rules....wash hands, do not touch anything unless it is your job and do NOT eat anything!  Sounds like fun, huh!  Let the factory line begin.... 

Daddy: 2 Graham Crackers
Landon: Eat 1 Graham Cracker
Livi: Put 1 Hershey Bar in the bag
Ella: Put 1 Hershey Bar in the bag
Kylie: Put 2 Marshmallows in the bag
Mommy: Tie and put tag on the bag
All Done!

Now we can have one!

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