Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 5: Lunchbox prep

Here are a few tricks to make the morning lunchbox prep easier as I send my hubby and daughter out the door to school!

1. Wash and chop lettuce for 2 - 3 days so that all I have to do in the morning is throw it in a container and sprinkle the prewashed/precut veggies and fruit on top.
2. Prepare enough cups for 1 - 2 weeks of toppings to dump on the salad when it is lunch time.
I include almonds, croutons, pita chips, pecans, etc.
3. Make enough wraps for the week to throw in Big Sis's lunchbox.
These are made of tortilla's, lettuce, mayo, turkey, & cheese.

4. Bag up lunchbox snacks.  
These are veggie straws ~ Tastes like french fries but are the healthy alternative!
5. Fill water bottles 2/3 full and store them on the door of the fridge to throw in the lunch boxes. Fill with ice and put them in the lunchbox.  It serves dual purpose: Ice pack and water bottle!
Bonus: I know this is a top 5 list but I have 1 more morning prep tip that just made life easier!
6. Vitamins: Use the 1 week pill boxes labeled with each persons name.  You know who has missed their vitamins and can also teach the days of the week!  I go through the days of the week each time everyone gets vitamins.  Doubles as a preschool lesson on week days and healthy living every time they eat their vitamins!

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