Friday, October 21, 2011

Memory Maker: Ding Dong Ditching!

If you know what Ding Dong Ditching is, well, you may be surprised that we taught our kids to Ding Dong Ditch last weekend!  Let's just say it was so much fun and they are still talking about it.  One of our favorite books is Nothing Ever Happens on Our Block by Ellen Raskin.  There are 3 kids who ring a doorbell a few times and the lady keeps answering but no one is there.  The mail man rings the doorbell and the lady dumps a bucket of water out the upstairs window to teach the kids a lesson, but she gets the mailman instead!

The kids loved that book so we decided to Ding Dong Ditch The family at the hotel last weekend.
We did it the nice way and left a treat!

By the time we Ding Dong Ditched the last relatives room we had added a bunch of cousins!  I wish you could have been there to hear the little feet running and all of the laughter in the hotels corridors!
P.S. It is impossible to keep up with these kids as they ran their fastest to get away
 before anyone opened the door!
I originally saw this idea HERE at Poppies at Play!
While there check out their Parade of Homes for some inspiration!

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