Thursday, July 5, 2012

Suprise Graduation Gift for Daddy!

I racked my brain on what to get for my husband for graduation.  When a person graduates a gift is usually a nice thing to get in celebration...but what could I get for my husband?  He worked so hard in school and at work while juggling four children and a wife.  I searched and searched for the right gift.  Yes, an engraved beer mug or a key chain are popular graduation gifts but that just doesn't say Thank you for turning your life upside down and enduring homework, classes, tests, sleepless nights while making every moment count when with your family.  How do you search for the perfect non-traditional gift for a non-traditional student? He didn't want anything big, which is good because this Momma has to keep as low cost as possible! 

One night I had an epiphany and prayed that it would work!  The next day, I grabbed the kids, an old graduation gown and my camera and headed to the back yard...and then headed back into the house because storm clouds were headed our way...and then back outside once the sun reappeared!  The kids had a great time dressing up and I was so happy to get some good shots within 10 minutes!  Here are the final pics!

 The picture collage was blown up to a 24x36 print and framed in a poster frame and placed on the Cookie Buffet Table at his graduation party. I was able to score this and t-shirts for $4.00 each from Staples.com! When I got on their site they were having a major sale!  Boy, was I excited to see this!
Each child got to wear their own picture on their shirt!  Daddy was so surprised to see these! 
He said they were perfect!  

 I added a mug to the order as well.  The mug has the collage picture on it and will go on his desk in his classroom.  This will be a reminder of all he has accomplished and the 4 little smiles that root him on everyday!

Congratulations! We are very proud of you!

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