Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Night: Foam Painting

This project is absolutely amazing! Great for the WHOLE family.  
Grandma and Grandpa continued to do this project long after we were all finished with it!  
It is super fun!  We will definitely do this at home!

Foam Painting
Foam paint, cookie sheet, paper, Large Popsicle sticks
(If you can't get foam paint you can use shaving cream and some food coloring!)
Step 1: Spray several colors of foam paint on a cookie sheet.

Step 2: Mix and swirl the foam paint with your fingers or a Popsicle stick. 
Do not over mix or your foam will lose the swirl effect and turn brown.

Step 3: Lay a piece of paper on your swirled paint and smooth the paper to make sure the bottom of the paper it is covered completely with the paint.

Step 4: Pick up the piece of paper.

Step 5: Use a Popsicle stick to scrape off the excess paint.

Step 6: Viola!  It is dry!  Once you scrape off the excess the paper is completely dry!  Amazing!
Step 7: Now that the project is done it is fun to squeeze, mix and bathe in it! 
(Only Recommended if your Mom is not looking!) 
Thanks for a fun night Toledo Museum of Art!

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