Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olympics ~ Olympic Torch Project

Our children are Olympic Children.  What does that mean, do you ask? Well Big Sis was born August 2004, during the Summer Olympics, Middle Sis was born 2006, during the Winter Olympics, Lil Sis was born during Summer Olympics 2008, and Lil Bro came along in 2010 year of the Winter Olympics.  We have watched and enjoyed the Olympics with each of our babies and have made it fun for them as they began to grow!  During the last Olympics Daddy had a great idea!  When Daddy has a great idea, Mommy usually gets a little worried!  We were watching the Bobsledders on TV and Daddy said he would be right back and then disappeared out into the snowy cold evening.  He returned a few minutes later with the slide from a play set.  Yes, it was a long full slide.  He said, "Watch Out, Luge coming through!" By the end of the evening all of the kids were pro's when it came to the luge!

This year Mommy is planning a bit early, in hopes, to keep things just as fun but a bit safer!  Today, we watched the Torchbearers run, zip line, repel and, walk with the torch.  You can watch the live feed, highlights of each day and the weekly highlights HERE.  It is a great learning experience.  We have seen children, adults, and senior citizens carry the torch.  We have seen those with one leg, two legs and no legs carry the torch.  We have talked about the Olympics and Para Olympics.  We have seen the torch go on land, sky and sea.  It is pretty amazing.  The kids have really enjoyed it!

Since we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house this week, I have recruited Grandma into the Olympic projects.  Little did I know Grandma enjoyed the projects more than everyone and was the last one doing the project far after everyone else had left the table!

Olympic Project #1 Make an Olympic Torch
Step 1: Place Paper Towel Tube on top of a sheet of Tin Foil.
Step 2: Wrap Tin Foil around the Tube.
Step 3: Crease the top a bit, leaving an opening for the flames to go in. Lil Buddy creased it a bit too much but it worked great!  Twist the bottom to resemble a torch.
Step 4: Cut your sheets of Tissue Paper  into 4 Rectangles.  Fold them in half.
Step 5: After folding the tissue paper in half and twist the folded side. 
Step 6: Insert the flames into the top of the Tinfoil Torch.

Voila!  All done!  I think Grandma had more fun than the kiddos!

It is a Torch not a sword, Lil Buddy! Heads up Grandma!

We will be using these the day the Torch is lit at the Opening Ceremony 
for the Olympics for our Family Olympic Ceremony!

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