Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Night ~ Night at the Museum

Tonight we asked Grandpa and Grandma to go to the Toledo Museum of Art with us.  It is always a super fun time!  The Museum has activities planned throughout the week, but Friday night activities are a little extra special.  There is so much to do that we didn't get to everything in 4 hours!
One of our favorite stops is the Family Center.  They supply art projects, drying racks, smocks, and the best part is....the staff cleans everything up and restocks your supplies as you work....a Mommy's dream come true!  Everyone paints a half dozen pictures and the fun continues without a mess to clean up! I just wish these people could live at our house!

Middle Sis had to paint a picture of Rapunzel and a rainbow!  It turned out really cute!
Everyone Foam painted! This is Grandpa and Grandma with their favorite picture! Check out the details of this project HERE!

...And everyone kept painting!
...and painted some more!
Daddy read some art themed books.  
Our favorites were:
The Red Dot by Peter Reynolds
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont
White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker
Pantone Colors
Lil Sis played with some very neat building blocks.  
These are great to figure out balance when building a tower.
These are made of hollow wood that is very smooth. 
The blocks have a ring of felt on the top and bottom.

We had free play time in the family center. It is a lot of fun to play with trains and trucks! I still am not used to boy play yet!  Lil Bro now makes sound effects all of the time.  It is really funny to hear boy sounds and play with boy toys when I am used to dolls, tea sets, tiara's and sparkle!
We panted with marbles!
This painting was here when I was little!  
I am sure Big Sis is tired of the "When Momma was little..." stories!

Everyone loved watching the glass blowing demonstration! It is amazing that a shape that resembles a pencil eraser that is about a 1/2 cup size can turn into a beautiful vase!

What is more fun than running up the steps? 
The answer is: Running down the steps...and then running back up again!
I have always loved the columns out front of the Museum!  
We always have to stop for a picture!
Had to get Grandma and Grandpa's picture too!
Thank you Toledo Museum of Art for a fun Family Night!
Check out their website HERE!

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