Monday, July 16, 2012

Recipe of the Week ~ Baking Bacon: A How-To Guide to Making Perfect Bacon Every Time

Baking Bacon: 

A How-To Guide to Making Perfect Bacon Every Time

We do not make bacon very often, but when we do I need an easy safe way to 
make it.  I do not want to spend an hour by a hot splattering pan only to have to 
wipe the ceiling and walls down later!  I looked for a better way and I did find it!  
Oven baked!  This is also a great way to make a large quantity of bacon at once.

I usually write my own posts, but the following was copied from Mom On Time 
Out because she explained everything perfectly.  You can find the link to her 
site below.  Thanks Mom On Time Out for saving me all of the hassle that 
goes along with stove top bacon!

Why should you bake your bacon?
  1. Baked bacon does not curl – you get nice straight bacon pieces every time.
  2. Cooks evenly – no white fatty pieces on one end and burnt bacon on the other.
  3. No splattering of bacon grease all over the place.
  4. No need to babysit the bacon.  You don’t even have to turn it over! 
  5. Tastes delicious.
What you will need:
- Shallow baking sheet
- Foil (heavy-duty preferable)
- Metal Cooling Rack (optional)
- Non-stick cooking spray (optional)
- Paper towels

1. Line the  baking sheet with foil.  (You will want to use a baking sheet that has 
enough of a rim that it contains the bacon drippings.)
2. If using a metal cooling rack, spray the rack with non-stick cooking spray, 
and place the rack inside the baking sheet.   

3. Place the bacon slices in a single layer either directly on the foil or on a rack  

Make sure not to overlap slices.  
4. Turn the oven on and set to 400 degrees.  Do not wait for the oven to preheat.  
Go ahead and place the pan in the oven.
5. Cook the bacon for 12-17 minutes.  Cooking time depends on the thickness of 
your bacon, and how long it takes for you oven to come to temperature.  Start 
checking your bacon around 10 minutes to ensure your bacon doesn't burn.  
(Nothing worse than burnt bacon!)
7. When the bacon is golden brown, the bacon is done.  
8. Once the bacon has reached your desired level of crispiness, remove immediately 
and place on paper towels to soak up the bacon grease.  
9. Eat and enjoy!   

Here are some tips:
~The oven should be cold when you put the bacon in – do not preheat.
~Make sure you are watching the bacon closely during the last few minutes 
of baking to ensure that the bacon doesn’t burn.
~Remove the bacon from the rack or baking sheet right after removing 
from oven.   The bacon will continue cooking as long as it is left in the 
pan or bacon fat.
~It is easy to flavor up the bacon.  Try black pepper or brown sugar 
sprinkled on the top before baking – it will give your bacon a whole new flavor.
~Want to freeze your bacon?  Under-cook your bacon by a couple of 
minutes , let it cool and then place it in Ziploc bag.  To reheat, pull 
out a couple of slices and cook in the microwave on medium power for 30 seconds. 

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