Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics ~ Olympic Crown fit for a Winner

Olympic Crown
Gold medals first appeared at the 1908 games.
In the ancient Greek Olympics only the winner got a crown made of 
olive leaves and a pot containing olive oil. 

2 - 3 Shades of Green paper for the  olive leaves
Glue Sticks
Thick Paper Plate

 Cut the paper into 4 long strips.  Cut a "rainbow shape".
 Cut an upside down rainbow shape.  You now have 1 leaf.  
Continue this until all of your paper is used up!

 Practice arranging them in a circle!

 Cut out the middle of a paper plate.  Use the outside ring for your crown base.
 Glue your leaves onto the base.

 Flip your crown upside down once the top is complete.  Run your glue stick around the base and place your leaves directly onto the plate, covering up all of the white.

Let's see those muscles!  Go Team USA!

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