Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 52 - 2 - Is a nap really a date?

So, some may say that a nap is not spending quality time with your spouse.  I beg to differ!  Now that we have 4 munchkins running around (or I guess I should say 3 running and 1 just laying there) any time without the 4 qualifies as quality time with your mate.

We started looking for a movie to rent on PayPerView but nothing started soon enough in order that we could watch it and be done with it before the nappers awoke.  So after the thought of vegging out to a movie we decided that spending time on the couch sleeping was good enough for us!  Thanks to the kids sleeping extra long, we got a 4 hour nap in!  That was definitely better than we could have ever dreamed...or did we?

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