Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eggs-cellent Time!

Easter has begun!  We do not focus on the Easter Bunny, in fact, the kids are the first to tell people that he is not real.  We talk all about the real reason for Easter and celebrate it by doing lots of fun projects.  Most people associate the Easter Bunny with Easter Eggs...c'mon...really...have you ever seen a rabbit lay eggs?  Just Checking! 

We celebrate Jesus and the life we have through him.  I love decorating eggs and never really knew the meaning behind why people do it. I like to teach the kids lessons while we do projects so that it becomes a meaningful learning experience.  I got the book The Legend of the Easter Egg and it is great for kids. 

Not only do we have a fun time dyeing eggs, fingers, table, and anything else that the dye comes in contact with but we can tie this project in with the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

We dropped the dye tablets into the vinegar and watched them bubble as they dissolved.  Our 20 month old was the most fascinated by this!  She wanted to look in every cup until the bubbles were gone!  We dyed eggs and blew on them until they were dry (that was our 20 month olds job!).
We then decorated them and made them sparkle, used stickers, and put lots of love into these eggs and only lost a few in the process! 

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