Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project 52 ~ And so it begins!

Is life too crazy to take on another challenge?  Do you ever feel like if you add one more thing to your plate you will be pushed over the edge?  Just breathe....We have taken our own oath the slow down.  To create family once again.  Up until a few months ago we constantly ran and ran.  We couldn't say no to people and we drove ourselves crazy because of it.  We were tired, our kids were tired and our house was a mess because all we would do is load up, unload, reload and it was a constant cycle.   We love our family and want to create wonderful memories.  And so it began.  Yes, I do have to admit that doctors orders of very strict restrictions before our baby was born showed us what life could be like if we could just make things and keep things simple.  So on to our challenge.  Now that we have vowed to not take anything new into our lives a new project/challenge entered our lives.  Project 52.  I ordinarily would not suggest 52 things to my husband but this is different.  We spend our days loving God and our children with all we are, working, and going to church.  Something is missing.  Yes it is the husband/wife part.  I told my husband about Project 52 nd we decided to jump on the bandwagon and commit.  Yes, I did say COMMIT.  We have signed on.  We are going to do this...and love every minute of it.   We just have to get used to this blogging thing! 10 years ago we made another commitment and this will be an extension of it. I love my husband and he loves me and so it begins...

 This is how it works:     
Project 52: Date Nights with us! Whether you are in a relationship, engaged or married, I want you to commit to having weekly date nights with your special someone. I want the both of you to take this pledge. Read it, fill it out, sign it and post it somewhere you can see frequently. A little hesitant? Don’t worry, you can join Project 52: Date Nights any time.

Take the Project 52: Date Nights Pledge
Then check in with us every Tuesday for ideas, comments, feedbacks from our Project 52: Date Nights and yours. We want to hear from you and what creative ideas you came up with for date nights. Make comments and report how your date nights went each week. By the way, this is a family friendly site. So all dates and ideas will be appropriate for all ages. And please keep your comments family friendly too.
The pledge. Here is the Project 52: Date Nights pledge in PDF form for you to print out. Print one out for yourself. And maybe a few extras for your friends or family members to get them in on the fun. Discuss the project with your special someone. Talk about what is feasible for the two of you. Set a date and time to help you pencil that date in your calendars. Come up with a few criteria of your own. If you don’t want to do in house date nights, then plan going out date nights. The two important points here are be creative and keep it simple.
So… are you in or not? Make sure to involve your friends and families. Get them to take the pledge with their special someone. The more couples we get to do this, the more ideas and motivations we get to support each other in Project 52: Date Nights. While doing Project 52: Date Nights with us, if you come up with great ideas let me know so I can feature you on SMM! Come on! It’s only once a week. Only 52 dates to last you the whole year. Let’s do this!

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