Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holidays - What are they really about?

I am a die hard fanatic of tradition.  Holidays make me shiver I get so excited about them.  What could be more fun than a celebration?  If there isn't a Holiday approaching why not make one up just so you can party!  Streamers.  Yes, it is it's own sentence because they are so fun you do not need anything else to bring a smile to your face! Easter is quickly approaching, Christmas's come and go faster than ever, Valentine's Day is already past this year, and the rest of the other Holidays...well let's just say that they also run the same course. We are also crafting something up to celebrate so as you follow this blog you will see all the condusion this place has to offer.  If the project doesn't involve glitter, glue, paint, and lots of clean-up it must not have happened at this house!  May every holiday bring joy to your heart, love in your eyes, and a great fondness for all things family! 

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