Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project 52 - 1 - Olive Garden and Shopping

My wonderful hubby surprised me with a much needed night out.  Since I haven't been out of the house over the past several months, excepts for doctors appointments and for the hospital, I was excited to go out.  Not knowing how much walking I could do we decided to spend our evening, with only baby in tow, returning items, dinner, and walking through Target. I spent the returns part of the evening sitting in the car while I watched my hubby run in and out of a few stores in the torrential down pour.  

We then went to Olive Garden ~ a place that has a quieter atmosphere and never disappoints.  

The salad and bread sticks were a wonderful start to dinner.  We both ordered off of the new menu and loved every bite. Who knew Fonduta could be so good!  We sat and talked while the baby slept in his car seat. The waiter apologized that it took 24 minutes for our dinner to come out.  Believe me, we did not realize it took that long because we were without kids! There were no spills to clean up, mouths to wipe, kids to remind to be quieter, etc.  It was wonderful!  

After we were done we went to Target and enjoyed looking around while we picked up a few needed items. It was nice to get out of the house and spend time with my husband.  I had him all to myself. 

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