Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project 52 - 4 - Movie and Popcorn

I know renting a movie may be something people commonly do but for us to rent something we can see without children and something that is an adult type of movie is very rare here.  First part of the night ~ Feed the kids, bathe the kids, and put those kids to bed!  A success!  We popped some popcorn and hit play.  We started with Couples Retreat because it was recommended by friends.

It was okay but not one I'd buy or watch again. Oh wait....Our 3 year old woke up, ate popcorn with me as my hubby slept on the couch, and we finished the movie together.  I guess popcorn has the same effect as Folgers does on the Christmas commercials!  Date disqualified!  Note to self: Popcorn wakes kids up and only plan a movie if you and the hubster aren't exhausted!

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