Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How can WE live a better quality of Life

I cannot do everything!  I realize how important it is to live a better quality of life not only for myself but for my husband and our children.  I want it to be second nature for them to take care of themselves, their belongings, and all God has created.  I want to live "green".  I want them to live "green". But, it is not to be labeled "green", it is to take care of what God has entrusted us with.  He made us and he made the earth so why not try to make it the best we can by doing as much of the "green" things as we can.  Our family was on a long car ride and I asked the kids how we can save energy. They started to make a long list including turning off water and lights when we are not using them, keeping the door closed to keep the heat in during the winter, and the list went on and on!  The next question that I asked was how can we live and be healthier for us?  They began with eating healthy foods.  That lead into what are healthy foods?  Next, I asked them how can we keep our planet healthy?  It was amazing what they already knew and how excited they were to do these things!  This has now gone beyond me and has turned into a WE thing!  They are excited and now tell me what we should do to be healthy!
Here are two of our girls heading to the compost pile!

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