Monday, May 24, 2010

A Total Experience

A Total Experience
Have you ever felt completely yuk because of all the fast food and prepackaged food that you have eaten?  We decided to go fresh as much as we could.  The kids love veggies and fruits.  Every time someone stops in and we are eating big salads, they cannot believe it because kids don't like salads. Ours do.  Maybe because they get to help wash and taste test as it is being tossed together.  Maybe because it looks and smells delicious.  Maybe because they have grown up knowing that it is yummy.  Maybe because that is what is for dinner, no other choices.  Maybe because they get to pick it out of the garden, farmer's market or at the store. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter.  They know they are eating it to grow strong and healthy.  I know it helps with our complete body, inside and out.It is fun to make veggies and fruit not just another food, but a total experience!

A Few of My Favorite Farmer's Markets:

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