Monday, September 3, 2012

Preschool ~ First Initial Activities

Preschool ~ First Initial Activities

Here are a few quick and easy preschool activities to do with your child!

1. Cut their first initial out of their sandwich.  
Save the crusts in a bowl and put it on the table!  No waste here!
The kids eat those faster than the the rest of their lunch! 
The apple sauce goes in cups with a straw.  You should see how fast they slurp it!
 2. Have them say the name of their letter and the sound.
 3. Have them trace the letter with their finger.
 4. Have them say words that start with the same sound as their first initial.
 5. Have them guess animals that start with the same sound as their first initial.
 6. Eat it!
 Print off coloring pages and Bingo Dauber pages with their first initial on it.  You can Google it or use the pages I found by clicking HERE!  Make sure that you stress dabbing only on the circles.  This will teach listening skills and following directions.
 While passing out lunch and their papers work on Please and Thank you.  If they already have that down teach them Por Favor (Please), Gracias (Thank you) and De Nada (Your Welcome).
Teaching them Spanish words is actually very comical! 

Have fun!  
Now you have some fabulous works of art!

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