Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Night ~ Backyard Campout

Hi Everyone!  It's me, Middle Sis!
Two weeks ago, Daddy called home with some pretty exciting news!  Are you ready for it?  Daddy got a job as a Middle School teacher!  We wanted to celebrate so Momma and all of us came up with a fun plan!  We decided to surprise Daddy with a Backyard campout! We set the tent up and everything!  We made our own little campsite! When he got home we told him we had to show him something in the backyard...he thought it was going to be Big Sis's bug collection!
 Here is the checklist for our Surprise Campout!
Tent, Camp Chairs, Fire Pit, Hammock, Sleeping Bags, Ice Cream Maker, Ingredients for Homemade Ice Cream, Borrowed Projector, Library Movie
 We celebrated with a Pizza party! 
(Frugal Mom tip: Pizza Hut has been running a $10 any size unlimited toppings deal for the past couple years.  You have to ask specifically for it and pick it up.  They also have had a coupon in the Sunday flyer for $6 off if you order online. Plus, they gave us a key tag for $1 off any purchase. This amount of food equals 2 meals at a little less than $2 per person.  Not to shabby for Pizza Party night!)
 We made Homemade Ice Cream by stretching an extension cord to the Backyard!
 Here is Lil' Bro showing off his moves! He is so funny!
 We also tried a Campfire treat that Mommy has had her eye on all summer.  She found it on Pinterest.  She loves Pinterest because it makes being creative easier!  This recipe though, was a complete FLOP.  No one wanted to eat it.  At least the Homemade Ice cream was good!

 Don't get me wrong, this was fun to make!
It was just so gross that no one wanted to eat it!
Here is the recipe if you want to try it...I just do NOT recommend it! hahaha! 
Banana, Chocolate Chips or other Chocolate, Mini-Marshmallows
You can add other additions including chopped pecans, coconut, peanut butter chips, etc.
Combine on tin foil, fold the tin foil over and place on fire for a few minutes until the marshmallows are "melty"!   The bananas were mushy and gross.  I never thought I'd say that!  The chocolate didn't melt right.  Let's just say that the ice cream couldn't cover up the grossness!  It was downright EEEEEWWWWWW!  ...and we are not picky eaters here!

 It was fun to make it!
 Deserts done!  I just wish it was good!
 Next, on to some fun!  Momma stretched the extension cord into the tent!  We used a borrowed movie projector and Disney's Have A Laugh 4 DVD that we checked out from the library.  The best part is that the Have A Laugh movies are the shorts and shows from when Mommy and Daddy were little.  
They are so funny!  I laughed and laughed!

 What's funnier than Donald Duck's tail feathers on fire!  We were laughing so hard.  
Daddy told us to laugh quiet so we wouldn't wake up the neighbors!
Daddy's Surprise Celebration Camp out....Success!  
He absolutely LOVED it!
We love you Daddy!  We are so proud of you!

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