Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Date Night - Pointfest and Cedar Point

Date Night! Woohoooooo!!!
Thank you to www.itickets.com for sponsoring a fabulous date with my hubby! 
 On Wednesday I received a call that I had won tickets to Cedar Point and PointFest on Saturday.  I then jumped on the phone and called Grandpa and Grandma and asked if they want 4 little visitors! 
It was fun to watch Royal Taylor, Franscesca Battistelli, Skillet, Jaimie Grace and more. We rode rides, or should I say I rode rides for my husband!  
 My feet like to stay on the ground, unless I am in an airplane. My hubby has jumped out of an airplane.
Of course he wanted to ride the biggest fastest Roller Coasters.  
A little Dramamine and lots of praying helped me stay calm!

 My highlight of the day (well, besides me time with the hubs) was Francesca Battistelli!  When ever we hear "I lost my keys", the volume knob cranks and 4 little singers and dancers belt it out as if they were on stage! Click below and picture my 4 kids singing like crazy to this song!

 Look...no kids...okay, we did miss them...but, look no kids!
 What a job it would be to build Roller Coasters! It sure does look neat from below!
 This was the ride that my hubby said he wanted to ride all day.  I thought...no problem...I can sit in a swing.  It really doesn't go fast.  I'll be fine. The lady that got out of my swing before me said she has never been so terrified.  I thought she was exaggerating.  Let's just say that when I got off my knuckles were white and I wanted to fall on the ground and kiss it! Never again.  Been there, done that. I rode everything my hubby wanted to and I got my Elephant Ear on the way out of the gate. I'm not sure if it was worth all of the riding to get my Elephant Ear but I couldn't leave without one.  My Dad used to get us one when we went to Cedar Point when I was little so I had to get one!
Great Date!  It was nice to spend time just the two of us.  It has been too long.
Thanks Love for helping me to do something that caused me to step out of my Mommy Box! 
...and caused me to soar to new heights (literally) 
that I would not do on my own (and may never do again! ha!). 
Anything for you!
I Love you!

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