Wednesday, September 5, 2012

and Tonsils, too...

Hi Everyone, 
It's me, Middle Sis! I have some news for you!  It has been a bit busy around here lately! Two weeks ago, Lil Sis and I went to the Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist.  He was the one that took out Kylie's tonsils and adenoids when she was 3.  He said that Lil Sis should wait a few months, if possible before her tonsils and adenoids come out because she is just a little peanut.  
He likes to wait as long as possible before he has to give little kids a sleepy-time nap.  When he looked at me he said I would get to come in 1 week later and get mine out right away.  It sounds kind of fun because he said I could have Gatorade, Jello and Popsicles whenever I want to have them!
Well, Aunt B was in town to visit and she left me a very special note and some money to buy some princess soup and any kind of Popsicles I want!  So, the night before, we went to the store and I got to get my own yummy treats!
 The next morning, Mommy and I went to the Surgery Center.  Daddy was very sad he couldn't go.  It was his first day of teaching his students so he couldn't miss that. He really wanted to be with me so I told him I would send him lots of pictures.  It was a very big day for both of us! I packed my bag of a few special things!  I brought my Read and Rhyme Story Bible, my Minnie and Daddy's Mickey! 
They gave me a special outfit to wear and put a neat light on my finger!  
They weighed and measured me and then we were off to the movie room!
They let me pick out any movie I wanted to watch, but, it sure was hard to watch 
it when they kept coming to ask me questions! 
We sent Daddy LOTS of pictures because I know he wanted to be here.

A few minutes later they took me for a ride on my super fast bed and believe me...they 
took me on a fast ride! Good thing I didn't fall out!
 A little while later I was all done.  I don't remember anything except for the 
really stinky air that I had to breathe!  
 The doctor said that my adenoids blocked 80% of my breathing plus I had huge tonsils, too.  
He said I should be able to sleep better now.
Best part of the day....my cool Crayon Band aid! Isn't it Awesome! I got it because when I woke up from my nap I had some wire things that went in my hand. My hand was drinking medicine!
 When I got home and settled in on my couch bed I got my first Popsicle 
and it matched my socks and my Barbie!
 The next day, a special delivery arrived in the mail from my cousin Zoe!

 Thanks Zoe!  I love it all!  My new Jammies from Zoe said "I had a loooong day"  and they were right!  I wore these a few days but Mommy made me change so she could wash them otherwise, I would have worn them forever! 

Thanks Miss Bridgett for the fun little Ice Cream with little spoons in it! 
She even brought one for Mommy too!
 My Cousins came with Popsicles and I shared them!  It is lots more fun when you share Popsicles!
 My friend came with a BIG tub of ice cream just for me!  I saved it for a few days for when I could have dairy again! It was so yummy! A perfect treat!

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa sent me a special card and stickers and a note pad too!  I called them on the phone and tried out my new voice.  It sure is funny to hear how I sound!
Grampy Lou and Grammy Gloria came for a visit with some special surprises!
Grandma and Grandpa surprised me with balloons and a visit for a week! 
Gramps and Grammy came over and brought me a special journal with a lock on it!
Thanks to everyone for helping me stay busy while I am on the couch for a LOOOOONG time.  The first and second day were pretty good but I have been feeling really bad since then. Today is the 1 week mark from my surgery.  Last night was pretty rough.  
Biggest thanks is for all of the prayers! Family, friends, our Church Family and even strangers were praying for me! Thanks for praying I know God answers prayers!
Love you all,
Middle Sis 

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