Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What we are Reading

Product Details One of our all time favorite books is Miss Fannie's Hat.  This is the most read book in our house besides our Bibles. This book is starting to show the wear of the Love we have given it!  It is about a little old Lady that has a lot of hats and has to choose 1 to give to the church auction to help with repairs.  She gives her favorite hat that she wears every Easter.  A must read to find out the super sweet ending.

Product DetailsAlthough this is a Valentine themed book at our house it is an all year book!  It is requested frequently.  I am glad this is a hard cover book!  Ruby prepares cards, gifts, and treats for her favorite day of the year.  She lays down to rest because she is so tired and ends up sleeping through Valentines Day! I read this to Kylie's 1st grade class on Valentine's day and it was a HUGE hit!  I wish I lived in Ruby's neighborhood!

Product DetailsThis book has 256 pages and was read in 1 sitting at breakfast this week!  The girls wouldn't take a potty break until the final page was read!  Harold goes on many adventures and draws everything along the way.  This book is a compilation and a fantastic one at that. We love this book and will begin our purple crayon project tomorrow!

Product DetailsThis book has been read many times this week and I have had to cut the kids off from this one!  Marsupial Sue makes a pancake for breakfast and the pancake takes of running when the oven door is opened.  Many animals want to eat it along the way as the pancakes race away from Sue.  It is a remake of the Gingerbread man.

Product DetailsWe have several kid Bibles in our house.  This one is the most requested one for nightly devotions.  We cannot close the Bible with out reading "The Man Who Couldn't Walk!"  This is the cutest Bible we've seen.  Great for baby showers, birthdays, or holidays!  Worth every cent!

Product Details Product Details Product Details
This is the series that I have been hunting for!  These are great to help teach little ones how to read!

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