Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Week of 9.18.11 - 9.25.11

Hi Everyone!
We kept Mommy and Daddy busy this week!

First, Landon helped box up all of Mommy's work laptop, printer, phone, and lots of other things to go back to their office.  Mommy doesn't work anymore or should I say she does "FUNNER" work!
 We packed everything up...
 and shipped it out! Mommy said, "Thank you Jesus" when she put of the boxes on the counter! She always said that working for that school was a blessing but it sure will be nice to have "no working" anymore!
This week we are learning about patterns and color sorting!
Check out some of my patterns!
Livi is working hard, too!
Livi was so excited she was doing a great job!
We got distracted. 
Mommy started singing "If I were a Butterfly I'd thank you Lord for giving me wings..."  and we jumped down and did all the motions.  Pretty good crocodile mouths, huh!
We color sorted and counted everything we could find. 
Yes, Mommy did make us wash our hands first 
and we were only allowed to eat two.  I wanted 5 gumballs!"

We practiced setting the table and writing our names on our placemats.

Today's project..."It's a sun shiny day and I want to play outside"! 
Paint a picture of the outside! 

We painted all of the toilet paper and paper towel tubes that
we've been saving for a LOOOOOOOng time for our marble run!
Here it is.  So FUN!!!
The only problem is that when we dropped the marbles they rolled under the stove! 
Now daddy has to move the stove for us!
We always love this table.
How long can we make faces before the doctor comes in?
We left within an hour of arrival!  That is a record time! 
It was a Saturday morning, though.

Lots of coloring, thanks to Kylie! 
She printed off lots of pages for us to color for "Preschools"!

Mommy just washed this off so she can do her Fall to Do list. 
Landon thought he would do it for her!

Mommy got a little distracted...but it was fun!

Mommy finally got her chalkboard done and now we have LOTS of really fun things to do!
Mommy likes going to the bike path because we can all run
and there are no cars around. 
There are always fast bikers, lots of dogs and fun things to discover!

Momma, Livi, and Landon saw a chipmunk jump into this hole. 
Livi thinks she can catch it!

(Check out Kylie's shirt!  Mommy found it at a garage sale in Toledo! 
It is a TCS shirt! Kylie also got 2 other shirts and a fleece that say
TCS Eagles! She got them for under $3.00! Mommy wishes they had cute clothes
like that when she went there!)

Mommy always wondered what happens around the house 
when she takes a shower...
...and now she knows.  Maybe we'll let Daddy go! 
Have a good week!
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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