Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Week of 9/5/11 - 9/11/11

What a fun week!
Middle Sis read, Lil Sis read, Lil Bro read and then I got my turn!  Lil Sis makes up great stories to go along with the pictures and then Lil Bro copies her words in a rythmic pattern!  I LOVE it! 
The kids made me read the Harold and the Purple Crayon Series from cover to cover.  256 pages...It took about 1 1/2 hours.  It was so fun!  Next Project: Making our own books called Middle Sis and the Purple Crayon, Lil Sis and the Purple Crayon and Lil Bro and the Purple Crayon :)

Waffles!  Daddy was working late again so the kids chose what to have for dinner... breakfast for dinner!

Favorite dip: Applesauce
My sister and her girls came to visit and we did craft projects galore!

Mural Work
Lil Sis is making a kite!
Middle Sis is proud of her flower!
Too much fun..Lil Bro couldn't even finish his bottle before he fell asleep!
Everyone loved Candace Cameron Bure's Chopped salad!  All of the kids wanted more!
I made these fun treats to go with the Chopped Salad.  Let's just say the dogs did get eaten but the salad got scarfed up first!
We made these for a fun treat.  Nothing like a peanut butter cup bar!  Yum!

The Duct Tape came out and all had fun!  Aunt B put the frills on this purse.  Flower pens and wallets were a favorite for all to make.  Lil Sis made a duct tape ball that she was so proud of.  Everyone else thought she was wasting the tape but she played more with that ball than anything else that was made!
Here are a few of the final products!
Friends came and caught worms and frogs with us.
Here is a little lady proud of her worms!
Mommy made us let him go.
We had to stop on the way to church to fix a headlight that was swinging in the breeze.
There is a little McGyver aka McGyde in all of us!  It runs through our blood :)
Time to say goodbye again...

We'll miss you.
We went to 2 libraries this week.  We found the preschool books Mommy has been searching for!
We found the flip-a-word book series by Yukiko Kido!

Lil Bro decided that he wanted to go on another picnic and started packing for it. What else do you need if you packed all your Pediasure? :)
We spent LOTS and LOTS of time playing with our Wax BendiStix! 
2 hours, 3 snack bags, coloring books, books, sticker pages, preschool work, a bag of toys and 3 shots later we were finally out of the doctors office.
Lil Bro loves playing with his magnetic toys. They were hand-me-downs from Aunt B.   
The cookie sheet is perfect for the balls to not roll off the table and for the rods to stick to it!
Lil Bro is preparing for his future wife!
Have to end the week with one of the yummiest summer sandwiches!
Chicken, salsa (cilantro, tomatoes, red onion, lime), avacado, spinach,
pickles, provolone, and mayo on 15-Grain Bread
Fall is on the way and so is our list of homemade soups!
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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