Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - Week of 9.11.11 - 9.18.11

Landon Enjoyed his peas!
Why use a plate, anyway?
Bedtime Devotions

The girls helped to teach the Bible verse

Woohoo!  I memorized the whole verse!
This week was Daddy's first day in a classroom all day! 
One more hug...
There he goes!
A few more kids wake up!
Good morning sunshine!
Look close Mom!  We made a frog habitat!
See him!  He likes being in the cave part!
Time to cover him up so he stays safe and cool!
It's Friday Night Family night!  Let's Celebrate Daddy's Great Teaching Day!
Landon sets and resets the table!
and sets the table again!
One more time Mom...
Now it is time to eat!
Chinese food at a short table in the living room!  How fun!
(Yes, Grandpa, Mom put a table cloth down on the carpet!)

Movie Night!
Daddy was home ALL weekend! 
He worked hard and built Kylie a special place for her clothes! 
Now Mommy can put her clothes away!
We got to help build it!
He also built a banister so no one will fall over! He also built the wall to the right and the nice bins that go up to the ceiling. Now Mommy to paint it!
Here are a few more pictures of the rest of our room!
Shh...Livi is sleeping!
Our favorite part... our makeup table!
Daddy had to build into the wall so our space can be maximized!
Since Daddy does construction he had almost everything he needed to build our big pink bedroom in the garage! I told Daddy it is the best room ever!
Here I am!  I love doing preschool activities on www.starfall.com!
Mommy has to send her laptop and touch screen monitor back to her old job this week!  She said she is sad to send back her laptop but she would do it with no problem so she can stay home and not work.  Now she can read to me and do my preschools with me!  It is so fun!
Bye Bye Computer!
Have a good week!
Love, Ella

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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