Monday, April 16, 2012

Project of the Week ~ Lunch Bag Art

Lunch Bag Art

Here are a few cute lunch bags that the girls got to enjoy last week!

I was working on bags before the kids got up and when they saw what 
I was doing they grabbed their crayons and joined in!

 My niece made some bags too!
 Lil Bro colored and then cut up his bag!
 Middle Sis had a super great time!  
We know it was good since she used her phrase, 
"It's the BEST DAY EVER"!!!

 This was Big Sis's favorite bag!
 Middle sis requested a pink pony lunch bag!
 Angry Birds is a family fun game so why not make them into a lunch bag, too!

Middle Sis finished her bag!

 My niece has 3 lunch bags to take home for school next week!
 Big Sis has her lunch packed and she is off for a fun day in 2nd grade!
Check out the blog that inspired it all! Click HERE!

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