Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Week ~ Daily Devotions Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday

Here is a fun way to make Easter more meaningful to your children.  We have done this same devotional for the past 4 years and they were looking forward to doing it again this year!

Easter is a special time when we remember that Jesus rose from the dead.  In fact it is such a special time that we celebrate it as a holiday!  It’s a privilege to know that Jesus is in heaven preparing a place for us.  Someday we too will go to heaven and spend time with him if we have asked Jesus into our hearts.  God made that special plan for us.  Here is a really fun way to remember the events of Easter week. 

Create a large calendar to hang on the wall that is divided into days. Tip: We use a large piece of butcher paper (or you can use the white side of a roll of wrapping paper) to glue all of the projects on. 

Palm Sunday: Read Luke 19:28. Cut out Palm Leaves out of green construction paper to represent Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Tip: We use real palm branches that Church passes out on Palm Sunday. We memorize "Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!"

Monday: Read Luke 19:45. Draw a table on your calendar. Cut coins out of tin foil. Glue them to your table. This represents Jesus driving out the money-changers.

Tuesday: Read Luke 19:47. Roll up newspapers to resemble scrolls and tie with string.  This represents Jesus teaching in the temple.

Wednesday: Empty Square.  We do not know everything Jesus did that week.  Ask your child what Jesus might have done during this last week of his life.

Thursday: Read Luke 22:7. Communion and Judas’ betrayal. Glue a cracker to your calendar.  This represents communion. Read Luke 22:39. Trace the hands of your child and cut them out. Use a glue stick to form praying hands. This represents the time Jesus spent praying.

Friday: Read Luke 23:26. Crucifixion. Glue Popsicle sticks together to make 3 crosses. TIP: We usually use a hot glue gun to make the drying process faster!

Saturday: Read Luke 23:50. Tomb and Stone.  Cut out a black large half circle for the tomb and a smaller gray circle for the stone that rolled away. Make the recipe the Resurrection Rolls! You can find the recipe by clicking HERE! YUMMY!

Easter Sunday:
Read Luke 24:1. Resurrection.  Use a paper towel, napkin, or piece of cloth to represent the burial linen. 

This activity was adapted from Family Time Activities by Kirk Weaver at http://www.famtime.com/.  We have several of their books.  They help make the Bible come to life through amazing hands-on activities!

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