Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Night ~ The Great Race Antique Car

The Great Race
Tonight we spent Family Night out on the town!  We went to see The Great Race 2012.  It was so much fun.  We watched old cars pull into this checkpoint for 1 1/2 hours.  80 + Cars came in about every minute.  Lil Bro loved to see "CARS, CARS"! The girls picked out their favorites and 1 of their criteria was that the car match their outfit!  Wow....yes, that would be a girly criteria!  The whole family enjoyed a free night of entertainment.  You can find the GREAT RACE here. It is a 9 day race with checkpoints and a big clipboard full or rules, one being not being able to use your speedometer.  This year they started in Traverse City, MI went through Canada, NY, OH and will end at the Henry Ford Museum.  Maybe they will roll through your town in the years to come.

 The police car turned their siren on as they pulled in!  The kids loved that!

 This is the best group shot we got.  Little Sis sure looks happy here!  
She said she wanted to go look at the cars and not take any more pictures!

 Here is the oldest car at the race.  It is a 1907!

What a great time!  Uh Oh...here comes the raindrops....I hope they got all of their tops up!

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