Friday, June 29, 2012

Mommy's Time Out ~ Wishing Time Could Stand Still!

  Knowing that Little Bro made our family complete was a bit bittersweet for me.  I know that because of complications due to 4 C-sections  doctors said 4 children was our max. I am so perfectly happy with all of them and am amazed how fast they grow.  God blessed us with each one.  I love and enjoy them and wish that time could stand still just for a bit longer. Big Sis will be 8 in August, Middle Sis 6 in December, Little Sis 4 in July and Little Bro just turned 2 in March.  A bigger shock to me is that Big Sis is entering 3rd grade and Middle Sis, Kindergarten in the fall.  Knowing Lil Bro is the Grand Finale I hug longer, hold more and drink in every moment that he lays his head on my chest.  I look at each finger and little toe every day.  I play This Little Piggy went to Market, Where is Thumbkin and Itsy Bitsy Spider more than I ever have because I know that this wonderful stage will be grown out of too quickly.  My Grandmother reminds me to enjoy every moment because they go by so fast.  

Tonight we went to the playground and Lil Bro was very apprehensive about the bridge.  He was unsure of each footstep and looked to me for guidance and safety.  As soon as he took my hand he took the final steps in confidence, knowing that I would catch him when he falls.
 Once he got to the top of the play set he sat down on top of the slide.  He wouldn't budge until I called his name and encouraged him to come.  He was still nervous until his eyes met mine and then....
 a huge smile broke across his little face.  He hopped off of the slide and ran back to the bridge that he was once afraid of and back to the slide he wouldn't budge on.    I like to be the one he calls.  
I love the little hand clinging to mine.
I want them to stay young forever.  To keep the innocence, the look of sheer joy at every new experience.  I love the twinkle in their eye.  I love to be the one they call for the tiniest little thing although to them it feels Monumental. 

I know that every moment is a gift from God. I love being a wife and mother.  I also know that there are times that I am apprehensive and unsure and God is there to hold my little hand.  As this love for my children grows each and everyday, as they capture my heart in a way that is completely and utterly astounding, I know God feels that way about me. I plan games, activities and outings, cook yummy things and do fun things for my children. In this busy season, I sometimes forget what God does for me each and everyday.  He gives me sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, friends and family. Amazing places, unbelievable experiences and more than I ever could discover in this lifetime, and always more than I could ever deserve.

Tonight, as I sit here typing away, I feel blessed. Enjoying this sometimes crazy stage in life.  Wishing that time could freeze just for a moment longer.  Reminiscing about fond memories, yet with excitement for what the future holds.  In a moment, I will hit the Publish button followed by the power button and then kiss each and every little blessing that is sacked out around my room from a fun family night!  Good night Blog Followers.  Thanks again for caring enough to stop by today!

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