Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood: October 30 - November 6

Hi Everyone! It is me, Middle Sis!
I have been very busy the past few weeks and cannot wait to tell you about it!
We went to a concert at church on Halloween.  We do not celebrate Halloween.  We think it is too scary. There is a house across the street from us that has scary things hanging all around it and scary sounds coming from it too.  We "freak out" every time we see it.  Since we do not celebrate it we always find something fun to do.    JJ Heller and Matt Brower came to our church on trick or treat night so we got to go see them! We like to sing her song that goes "Who will love me for me.  And how does the next part go again, Mommy?"

Click Here to watch one of our favorite songs that we hear JJ Heller sing on the radio!

This week we got a call from our friends who invited us over for a fun project for us to do with them.  We were already for bed but we jumped in the car and headed down the street for some last minute fun!

Their Mom made some cool goop to play with.
Then she added glow in the dark juice and turned on her black light!
Here we are with Mommy's camera flash on!
Now, here we are with her camera flash off!  How cool is this!
We also had some beautiful days!  We played outside a lot.
Here is Lil Bro's adventure outside!

Mommy will never find this watering can!

Then he hides her pumpkins! "What is he thinking!"

He loves going around the trellis.  "He's so funny!"

We like playing on the swing!  Especially when Daddy puts it up high to mow around.

We had a yummy picnic outside.

A few friends joined us... A bee, a few lady bugs, and couple birds!
You are supposed to stay in your chair when we are eating!  
He likes to escape when he isn't buckled in!
Here is Buddy talking to Grandma!  She is coming to visit soon!

Li Bro likes to use sign language.  His favorite words are please, more, all done, and thank you!

We spent Sunday afternoon doing outside clean up for the winter!

I got to climb the tree!

All ready for the winter.....I wonder when it is going to snow???
Happy week to you all!
Middle Sis

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he's getting too big for a paci I will teach him to suck cock

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