Monday, November 7, 2011

Glimpse Into Motherhood - 10.23.11 - 10.30.11

Hi Everyone.  It is me again, Middle Sis! This week we did a lot of things!
Our Cousin visited this week!  We had a slumber party and tons of fun!

We played outside! 

 Here is Big Sis...  She is so SILLY!

Aunt M needed to go to the store to get ready for her Bible Study So we all went!
Momma took Daddy his dinner as he had Locked himself in the office to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!

 Aunt M and Mommy sporting their pearls at Walmart!
Mommy said it is more fun to shop in Pearls!

 Lunch time!  We got to make our own Ants on a Log for lunch!  Yum!

We had dance.  I am bottom middle in the pink and 
Big Sis is 2nd row from the bottom on the right in black. 
 I worked really hard at trying to balance on the balance beam!

We got to cook lots with Mommy this week.  Here is a picture from the day we made cookies!
 We played dress-up!
 I got to have a special date night with Daddy!  I picked out my own outfit!
 I am ready to go.  If only Daddy would come home from school already!  
I have been waiting all day!
 Still waiting!
 He's home and we get to go!  
 Lil Sis wants in the picture!  She gets to go on Date night next time!
 She can't stop laughing!!!
 Everybody else wants in the picture too!
 We had a dress up tea party with our friend from church.  She stopped in to visit!
 Guess who liked tea the most!
 I loved the cookies!  They smell like Christmas time!  
They are Grandma Beadles Sugar Cookie recipe!
 Lil Bro is asking for more tea!
 He is having so much fun!

 We played Hungry Hippos.  
Lil Bro loves this game, but he can only play it with a big person!
Mommy packaged up lots of Cookies for Big Sis's Harvest Party!
 Snacks are ready!
 Momma is ready!
 Big Sis is making projects at her party!

 We LOVE fall!  It means Thanksgiving is coming!
 Big Sis went to a Girl Scout Day Out.  Mommy got to go with her!
 She carved pumpkins.

They did a Mummy Race.
 Now, that looks fun!!!
 Big Sis is wrapping up her friend!
 These girls are the ones who did not bob for germy apples.  
They saw the snot in the buckets and got grossed out!
So, they ate clean apples instead!

 Mommy loves getting the opportunity to go on special outings!
She has a bit more time this year to do some fun things like this!

 They had a dance party!  Big Sis really knows how to break it down!
They have been learning dances in gym class this year!

Hope you had a super fun week too!
Middle Sis
Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

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