Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Project: Valentine's Day Can 'O Dates

The blog Dating Diva's is fabulous if you need date night ideas. You can find them by clicking HERE!  I found them a few years ago and it is a blog that is a go to when I need some ideas on a creative date night!  I got the following idea at their blog for my man (I guess it is for me, too!).  My husband is so incredibly busy.  He is in school full time and working whenever possible.  We have cut back in a lot of areas while we are in this season.  We coupon, eat in, enjoy family nights at home, etc.  When it comes to gifts we also try to come up with something that is usable, made if possible, and fun!  
Here is the perfect thing for us this Valentine's Day!

The paint can can be bought at Home Depot for a few bucks.  
My hubby had one that he used for school last semester so I repurposed it for him!

 You can find this with free printables HERE!
How cute!  

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Cornerstone Confessions said...

Cute idea! I post date ideas every other week both on my blog and over at Living on Love and Cents about dates on a dime. I think I may have just found my next feature! Pinning now!

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