Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project of the Week: Valentine's Day Box for School

There are so many things that you can do for a Valentine's Day Box.  The challenge is to find something that your child loves, matches their personality and is easy enough for them to make at least 90% of it on their own! Grandpa papered up this box and sent it home with us and we had to figure out what Big Sis wanted to do to it!  We scoured our house for stampers, glittery things, etc. But when we laid eyes on the bag of silk flowers that were used in our wedding 12 years ago, we knew that was the winner.  I had toothpicks in the cupboard, green flower foam in the craft room and a glue gun that was just waiting to be used!  One final touch had to be added and that was a band of pink duct tape!  Yes, Big Sis is one of those kids that loves to make wallets, hair bows, and pen flowers out of duct tape.  
So, naturally, Big Sis had to make sure that Duct tape was represented somewhere on her box!

Step 1: Find a box, cut a hole and paper it (or have Grandpa paper it!)
 Step 2: Add Duct Tape
 Step 3: Find Flower Foam and attach the flowers by toothpicks.
 Step 4: Use the Hot Glue Gun to attach the foam to the box (Mommy did this part!)
Step 5:  Make sure your hole is accessible for all of the cute Valentine's that will be put in this box!
 Step 6: Add a heart that is glued to a skewer by the hole.  Have your child write their name and an arrow to show the mailmen where to place the cards!  All done!

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