Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glimpse Into Motherhood: December Fun

Hi All!
I know December is long gone but I was pretty sick and so were lots of other people in this house.  We were on lock down for almost a month.  We did manage to have a bit of fun though!  Check us out with our Martha Washington wigs!

Here is Lil Bro on Christmas morning!  He and Mommy were up before everyone else!

Here is Lil Sis. She kept asking Mommy to take her picture so she could see herself on the camera!

We love playing dress up!  Here is Big Sis having some fun!
We did a fun project on the kitchen floor!

Big Sis is keeping our cousin company.  We want our cousin to feel better fast!
We got to wrap presents!  
Lil Sis liked doing it all by herself and you sure could tell that by all the tape she used!

Lil Bro kept busy.  I think he is writing his own book!
Mommy reminisced back to her wedding day.  The girls tried on a lot of special treasures.  I am not sure why Mommy teared up.  I did hear her tell Daddy that she didn't want us to grow up too fast!

Have a great day!
Middle Sis

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