Thursday, December 22, 2011

Recipe of the week: Holiday Crouquembouche (Cream puff tree)

This year I was in charge of Big Sis's Christmas party at school!
The class made gingerbread houses to decorate, played musical
presents, and ate yummy snacks that are eaten in other country's
around the world.  My hubby and I made a crouquembouche.  It
is very fun and yummy!
Croquembouche is the French word for "crunch in the mouth" and
is a classic French dessert once used as a wedding cake (compare
with Eastern European Tree Cakes). As with most tasty dishes,
this French confection made its way to Eastern Europe and is enjoyed
there also.

A croquembouche is made with custard-filled cream puffs that are
assembled in a pyramid shape stuck together with caramel. Spun-sugar
caramel is draped around the cream puff tree for dramatic effect. This
makes a stunning dessert for any special occasion. It's not as hard as
it looks, especially if you use a foil-covered Styrofoam cone to attach
the cream puffs to. It just takes a little time. If you refrigerate this, the
spun sugar will start to melt. It's best to add this touch before serving,
or leave it off entirely.
 You can find this recipe here. 
Our recipe: 
Buy premade mini cream puffs from Sam's Club.
Melt chocolate in the microwave.
Dip the cream puffs and stick them together in a tree shape!
Drizzle more chocolate and crushed candy canes around it!

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